By on January 6, 2018

About Traveling Sabbatical

Hi! We’re Josh and Jessica. We sold our house and most of our worldly possessions. Then we quit our jobs to take an extended around the world Traveling Sabbatical.

We weren’t very vocal about it. It came as quite the surprise to many when we gave 10-days notice on Facebook that we were leaving Austin, Texas, our home of more than 20 years. We want to see the Northern Lights, watch the Tour de France ride through a tiny village, and see all the churches, museums and ruins we can stand.

We’ll miss our friends, family, and breakfast tacos, but we were really just lounging around our too big house most days. So why not lounge around cheap airbnbs in tropical, exotic or interesting locales?

On Traveling Sabbatical we’ll share all the tricks, tips, and hacks learned through our trials, tribulations and general fuck ups. Because let’s face it, we’re gonna fuck it up.

Please send us all your recommendations about worldwide treks and experiences.